Thirteen Sign Language programs about
how to care for and train your dog

dog's life     Created, written and hosted by well-known Hollywood dog trainer Ted Baer, this series is really about what affects a dog's life. Sesame Street's Linda Bove stars along with Ted.
     Well presented are tips, information and helpful suggestions to make your dog's life healthy, happy and safe. Also included, from hearing-impaired veterinarian Stan Kunin, is vital information about your dog's medical and nutritional needs, as well as instructions for emergency situations with your pet.
     You get everything you need to know about dog grooming from professional groomer Sandy Rankin. Each program also includes an obedience training segment that is facilitated by a unique usage of hand signals to train a dog.
     And you will also learn how to teach impressive (but easy) tricks, as well as basic obedience and good behavior.
     Of course, the real star of the series is Tundra, the Wonder Dog, a performing dog seen in many commercials, TV shows and movies.

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Here is a list of the 13 programs included in IT'S A DOG'S LIFE:


A Dog's Vision and Senses: host Ted Baer introduces viewers to the world of a dog's vision and senses in the "Everyday Life" segment. Then, hostess Linda Bove (with the interpreting skills of Lou Fant and Jean Addis) talks about Ted's career and Tundra. In the Vet's Corner, Dr. Stan Kunin discusses how to choose your vet: in the Obedience Training segment, Ted teaches "catch."

Communicating With Your Dog: Ted and Tundra demonstrate the hazards of drinking out of the toilet. Better communications is discussed in "Talking Dogs," and Ted shows a command to help you position your dog in obedience training.

Obedience Training: observe an obedience class, while Dr. Stan Kunin talks about your dog's yearly exam in "Vet's Corner." Ted and Linda talk about the three P's in "Talkin' Dogs," and in the Obedience Segment, Ted shows a command to help you position your dog.

.for the above three programs, order item DL-a

Travelling With Your Dog: the extreme dangers of leaving your dog in a hot car, or travelling with him (or her) in the back of a pick-up truck. "Groomer's Corner" addresses clipping your dog's nails, then Ted and Linda discuss the problem parent in "Talkin' Dogs." In the Obedience segment, Ted teaches the "stay" and "release" commands.

Out in the World With Your Dog: dog bathroom etiquette, spaying and neutering issues and visiting friends with your dog... and going to business establishments. In the Obedience Segment, Ted teaches the "down" command, given from a distance.

Your Dog's Nutrition and Health: Ted takes Tundra to a grocery store and talks about ways to facilitate better socialization with your dog. Dr. Kunin discusses nutrition and health from the vet's point of view. In the Obedience Segment, Ted teaches the "sit" command.

.for the above three programs, order item DL-b

Dog Grooming: choosing a puppy and puppy training. Sandy demonstrates all the various tools to be used in brushing your dog. "Talkin' Dogs" addresses selecting the dog that is right for you and in the Obedience Segment, Ted teaches the "attention" command.

Dog Etiquette: Ted and Lou Fant demonstrate the woes of excessive dog hair problems, with some interesting tips on how to control them. Dr. Kunin covers the importance of keeping your dog's teeth clean; Ted and Linda discuss doggie etiquette and in the Obedience segment, Ted teaches the "come" command, given from close range.

Dog Exercise: Ted and Tundra demonstrate exercise in a rather interesting way; Sandy Rankin takes the dogs to the bath; Ted and Linda talk about the problems and possible solutions for aggressive dogs, and in the Obedience Segment, we learn the "bark" command.

.for the above three programs, order item DL-c

Controlling Fleas: Ted and Lou discuss behavior problems and innovative solutions; Dr. Kunin addresses the serious topic of poisons - the ones we know about and the ones we don't; in the Obedience Segment, we learn the "stand" command.

Lost Dogs - How to Get Them Back: Ted and Linda discuss this subject - and what to do if you've found a dog. In the "Vet's Corner," Dr. Kunin covers wise home emergency supplies to have on hand. Ted then give excellent advice on travelling with your dog, and in the Obedience Segment he teaches the "watch it" command.

Dogs, Emergencies & First Aid: Ted and Tundra take a dip and demonstrate pool and swimming safety; Dr. Stan Kunin gives first aid emergency advice and procedure. Ted explains how to not accidentally award illness symptoms in our dogs - and in the Obedience Segment, Ted teaches the "hold/get" command.

Dog Tricks: Tundra and Ted demonstrate cute and easy tricks you can teach your dog; the topic in "Groomer's Corner" is dog grooming as a career; Ted talks about dog areas - where they should and shouldn't go, and in the Obedience Segment, the entire handsignal training system is reviewed.

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