8 Sign Language programs:
A Musical Variety Series

     Enjoy a feast for your eyes as well as ears as you watch this dynamic musical-variety series, performed by the "Musign Theater Company," an electrifying, internationally famous hearing-impaired dance troupe.
     Performances include music from the 50's to New Wave to Broadway classics. Sign Language, mime, dance and theatrical interpretation are combined to create an unforgettable viewing experience.
     Talented deaf actor Robert Daniels hosts.

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Here is a list of the 8 programs included in "MUSIGN"

New Wave: the music of the '80's
Rita: featuring talents of choreographer Rita Corey
Margie: featuring dancer Marjorie Tanzar
Ed: featuring dancer Ed Chevy

.For the above four programs, order item MUSIGN-a


Big Bob: song, dance and juggling talents of Big Bob Hiltermann
Wiggley World: unique interpretations of unusual music
Broadway: a trip down the "Great White Way" in music and dance
The 50's:

For the above four programs, order item MUSIGN-b


MUSIGN videos may be ordered individually for $39.95 each

2-tape/8-program set.(SAVE $5.00!!) for.$74.90...order item MUSIGN-set

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